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6 Tips to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Chef’s Dream

Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in our homes. This is the place where we come to cook delicious meals, indulge, and gather around the table to unwind and chat. Since this is a space that we tend to spend so much time in, it’s crucial that this space is decorated in a way that is efficient, functional, but also feels warm and inviting. Overall, you want to feel drawn to the space and enjoy your time there, whether it be to cook dinner, or even dining with the family. These are some tips for transforming the kitchen into a beautiful yet functional space that any chef would dream of having.


1. Make sure the lighting is sufficient

You’ll want to aim for lavish lighting. You can think about having stunning light fixtures such as our Modern Chandelier or any other fixture that you believe would nicely fit your space. These fixtures can go over your kitchen island, counters, dining table, or even a breakfast nook if you have one of those. Using low low-hanging light fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant lights will allow for the illusion that the ceiling is bigger. This will create the illusion of more depth within the space. Spotlight fixtures are also another popular type of lighting that many people use for their kitchens, including chefs. They’re often placed above the kitchen counter so the eye is more drawn to that area. 


2. Replace the handles and fittings

                                                                                                                                                        When it comes to the kitchen, a little change truly goes a long way. You may have not noticed but your kitchen faucet, handles, and other fittings can truly make an impact on the appearance of your kitchen. While it’s never necessary, having new and modern cabinet handles, pantry door knobs, and a new kitchen sink faucet are going to make a major transformation within your kitchen. Switching these for newer and modern handles and fittings is a great way to make an affordable transformation, but they also give your kitchen a more expensive appearance like a chef’s kitchen.


3. Create a statement with furniture and décor

                                                                                                                                                      Whether it’s your dining room set, kitchen rug, or all the decorative accents in your kitchen, you will definitely want to add a personal touch to the kitchen. Even the greatest of chefs personalize their kitchen with their décor and colors. There are plenty of ways to style the kitchen the way you’d want it. Is there a dining set that you’ve been eyeing? Maybe you’d like to get some stools for your kitchen island so it can be transformed into a bar? Whatever you decide, make sure you like it but keep in mind there should be a functional purpose to it as well. The Kata Bowl is a fair trade hand woven bowl that would work perfectly for placing fruit in, or even for drying out herbs. This is a beautiful, charming piece, making a statement in the kitchen, but it’s also very functional as well. Other ideas for functional yet beautiful pieces in the kitchen would be our Handmade Olive Snack Board. This beautiful board has multiple functions, as it can be used as a durable cutting board, a serving tray for your guests, as well as a nice piece of décor for your counter. Using beautiful yet functional items will lessen the chances of clutter being built up in the kitchen, meaning your space will continue staying clean, open, and organized.



4. Bring in some greenery

Nothing invites a room more than bringing some nature into it. When it comes to plants, you have a whole array of options that you can use such as creating a themed kitchen and complementing it with certain plants. You also have the option to do what chefs do in their kitchen and create a designated spot for an indoor herb garden. Using fresh herbs for your cooking is a total game-changer as this is going to add some new flavors. Most herbs can survive just fine indoors such as thyme, basil, and rosemary. You’ll just need to make sure they’re getting sufficient sunlight and water. When it comes to having indoor houseplants, you’ll want to make sure that the pots also complement the space as well. A great option would be the Black and Gray Nesting Baskets from our shop, these durable baskets are handwoven from Kenya and will look exceptional in your kitchen.


5. The right kitchen gadgets and appliances

The tools in your kitchen are going to make a world of a difference in how you prepare, cook, and clean up your kitchen. While the kitchen equipment used doesn’t necessarily need to be décor related or even displayed out in the open regularly, you will want to purchase items that will make your life in the kitchen much easier. This can include having a nice sturdy cutting board, looking into getting a new fridge, a vegetable slicer, or even a range hood. Whatever you decide, it’s best that it’s something that you see yourself using fairly often and you know it’s going to be something that will make your kitchen experience feel much more at ease. That’s one thing major about having a chef-inspired kitchen, it’s about filling it with the right tools and appliances that are going to allow the experience to be less stressful. So be sure to keep everything organized and have a designated spot for everything.


 6. Intoxicating beverage section

Having a dedicated space in your kitchen for beverages will step up your game in the kitchen. Most chefs will have a designated spot where they store their drinks such as alcohol. This can be a classic bar cart with some nice Cocktail Glasses tastefully placed on the cart, a special closet, or even an Elegant Bar Cabinet tucked into a corner. Even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, having a beverage section is excellent for storing mineral water, creating mocktails, or even a coffee station with some mugs accompanying it.